From the Principal’s Desk . . .

From the Principal’s Desk . . .

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that we are in week seven of remote learning.   I am sure that the novelty has worn off and the reality of our community and global situation is sinking in.   This is not easy for any of us and I truly appreciate all that you are doing to keep the students on task and focused on the home front while the teachers are working to keep them engaged and moving forward in their academic activities.   It is times like these that small towns pull together and Hampton is a prime example.

As you know, when we are together in school we always celebrate the Hunterdon County Safe Routes to School Walk/Bike to School Week.   Well, this year is no exception.   The only difference is…we will be doing this virtually.  It is my hope that we can all get out and log some time on our bikes or walking and show them that Hampton has what it takes to earn that Golden Sneaker Award!  This year the Virtual Walk/Bike to School week is Monday, May 4th through Friday, May 8th.  So, check out the details in the flyer, dust off those bikes and helmets, lace up those sneakers and get out and show them what Hampton is made of!!  Mr. Ryan has a special message for you all…check it out: 
Let’s win that Golden Sneaker Award for Hampton School!!
Please stay safe and stay well, 
Ruth Ann Dalrymple


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